How to Perform a Kimura (A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submission)



Introduction: How to Perform a Kimura (A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submission)

Named after Masahiko Kimura, who used the move to defeat Helio Gracie who was one of the founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a Kimura is an double joint armlock, used in many mixed martial arts. This technique applies painful pressure on the opponent's shoulder and is difficult to escape. If your opponent refuses to submit, he or she could suffer from a broken arm, torn rotator cuff, or dislocated shoulder. A tapping motion is used to indicate when too much pressure is being exerted on your or your partner's shoulder.

Learning to perform a Kimura takes time and practice.

Kimura can be done from multiple positions, but is most often performed on fighters trapped in a full guard.

See the picture, Kimura Vs. Gracie in his winning armlock.

Step 1: Control the Opponent's Arm

Control the arm that is on the same side as your body.

Step 2: Grab Wrist Firmly, Release Leg, & Sit Up

Grab the controlled arm's wrist firmly with the hand that is closest to their head.

Example: If you were on the left side of their body, this would be your right hand on their left wrist.

Step 3: Grab Your Own Wrist

Pull the opponent's arm up, with their elbow pointing towards your face.

(Hint: Make sure to maintain control of their body while performing this move.)

Step 4: Important: Maintain Control

While sliding your other arm through your opponent's elbow, grab your wrist on the opposite arm.

Make sure the trapped arm and elbow are pressed tightly against your chest, keeping control. If you cannot keep control, you are at risk of losing the submission as well as a reversal.

Step 5: Simply Twist Your Body

By just twisting your torso, you can cause this person to experience intense pressure in their shoulder without a lot of effort.

Step 6: Tapping Out

The final step is to do this altogether in one swift motion, making your opponent tap out.

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