How to Piss Off Parents

Introduction: How to Piss Off Parents

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I have followed these steps and pissed off my parents a million times. If you just follow my foolproof ways you'll piss off parents like a pro.

Step 1: Arrogance(I Think Thats How You Spell It)

Be arrogant and parents will get mad fast. When your parents tell you to do some thing, look them straight in the eye and say no.

Step 2: Be Stubborn

Be stubborn and stick up for what you belive in. If your parents try to make you belive or do some thing that you belive is wrong say so.

Step 3: Be a Rebel

This step is self explanatory. Parents hate rebelius teens and listen to music that parents hate just to annoy them.

Step 4: Finally! Get in Trouble.

Also Self Explanatory. Be a trouble maker at school and fight with your sibling(s) and parents.Have fun!

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