Introduction: How to Play Crossy Road

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Hi guys! This is an instructuble that I entered in a contest, and also it teaches you how to play crossy road. I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of this game so I hope this teaches you at least somthing. And by the way this app is made by HIPSTER WHALE!

I got this app yesterday and I already liked it! So that means i don't have much characters or a big high score.

Step 1: Get the App!

And this is optional. Okay, so the app is FREE, which is GOOD, and is very addicting just like flappy bird. It is rated 4 1/2 stars which is AMAZING! And also created by hipster whale, as I said before. Hope you get it!

Step 2: The Basics and Rules

The object of the game, is to not get hit by any cars (or sink in the water). You have to cross the street also. Your score will be the numbers you walk forward. My high score is 84.


Tap: walk forward
Swipe left: go left
Swipe right: go right
Swipe down: go down

Step 3: Tips

When you see a red light at a train track and there is a bell sound, WAIT, because the train is coming

DONT wait too long or else an eagle will fly to you, trust me, it happened to me.

When you see a blue laser light or whatever it is, STOP FOR A SECOND, it's the same thing as the train but this time, it's the police thats passing by.

Step 4: Coins

Okay, you can earn coins by:

Watching an add
Getting a free gift
Getting them on the street while you are playing.

You can use these coins to go to the gum-ball machine and get a new character. And speaking of characters................

Step 5: Characters

You can get a variety of characters. I have like only 7 of them cause I got this app yesterday.
You get characters from the gum-ball machine.

ALSO: you get different places if you get different characters. For example, if you get the penguin, you will get a snowy place.

Step 6: Recording

You can record you're screen and also your face! Just press the buttons and yes it happens. This is at the home screen at the bottom right.

Step 7: Thanks!

Hope you liked all the tips and stuff and I hope this was useful to you! Comment what I should do next. Make sure to leave a like and FOLLOW PLEASE! Check out my other instructables!

Good luck!

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