Introduction: How to Play Soccer

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-know the positions
-kick the ball
-being a defender
-being a forward
-being a midfield
-being a goaly
-passing the ball
-scoring the ball

Step 1: Knowing the Positions

You need to know the positions when you play soccer:
Mid-front and back
Goaly-in the goal (18yard box)
11 players

Step 2: Kicking the Ball

To kick the ball:
-Hit it using the specific part of your foot
-Plant your not kicking foot on the side of the ball
-pass or shoot

Step 3: Being a Defender

To be a defender you have to have tactics:
-try to block every ball that goes through
-slide tackle
-kick the ball away every time you get it

Step 4: Being a Forward

To be a forward you have to have tactics:
-moves that trick defenders
-good at shooting
-stay at midfield when your team is defending
-don't be offsides
-go up when your team is attacking

Step 5: Being a Midfield

Being the midfield a the hardest:
-run up and down the field with the ball

Step 6: Being a Goaly

The goaly needs tactics:
-stay in the 18 yard box
-block shots with your hands

Step 7: Passing the Ball

It is the same thing as kicking except you hit the ball with the inside of your foot

Step 8: Shooting the Ball

It is the same thing as kicking the ball except for you hit it on "your bone".
You should also have kicked it hard enough your leg makes your body do a tiny hop