Introduction: How to Properly Cut Down a Bottle (Simple&Video)

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These two videos that I made will show you the basics of cutting down a glass bottle into a drinking glass, ash tray, funnel, steampunk lamptiles, and lampworking rods.

In the video, I progressively break down the bottle in this order:
-First, I cleanly remove the neck. I now have a drinking glass and a funnel.
-Second, I cut off the bottom. I now have an ash tray and a steampunk lamp cover.
-Thirdly, I cut the cylinder lengthwise. I now have something I can cut into tiles and lampworking -rods (see picture two on this page for the lampworking rods)

With two simple tools you can professionally and confidently cut a glass bottle in any way, in any direction, and for an infinite number of projects.

The two tools you will need are:
-A glass cutting scribe ($1.00-$4.00 from hardware store)
-A small butane pen torch ($8.00-$10.00)

Time to upcycle!

Here is an instruct able I made that shows you how to turn glass bottled into beads

Step 1: Video 1/2

 My video editing software is on the fritz today, so I was unable to edit or splice these two videos together. Feel free to skip around!

Please, wear gloves and safety glasses. You could skip the gloves like me, but you may get burned by accidentally touching the hot areas (like I did). Hot glass does look exactly like cold glass ;)

Step 2: Video 2/2

Wouldn't this cylinder make a good steampunk lantern glass?