Introduction: How to Properly Vent Out a Dryer Exhaust

Since the previous exhaust was already vented out I used the exiting hole in the wall.

This dryer is in unconditioned space, it is in a closet in the garage


Butyl mastic tape
5' 4" rigid duct
2 - 4" elbows
1 - 4" exhaust vent
1 - tube of dap clear caulk
2 - 4 1/2" hose clamps

Step 1: Remove Existing Flex Duct and Exhaust Vent

Asbestos siding!!!!

I wore a respirator just in case!

Step 2: Put It All Together

Use a crimp tool if the connections are to difficult.
The 3' of flex duct allows you to pull the dryer off of the wall in case something falls behind it.