Introduction: How to Properly Wrap a Present

It's easy to throw a gift in a bag, slap some tissue paper over it, and call it a day. However, that method is often times less rewarding than that of the wrapped-gift method. If presents were not wrapped, the curiosity and anticipation would be lost. So make this year different and wrap on!

Materials Needed:

  • Wrapping Paper
  • A Present
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A Bow
  • Gift Tags
  • A Marker
  • Optional: Holiday Music to Listen to While Wrapping!

Step 1: Buy/make a Present!

The perfect present is not necessarily an expensive present, but a thoughtful present!

Step 2: Cut Wrapping Paper to Size.

When you cut the wrapping paper, keep the size of the present in mind. Be sure to be generous in the amount of wrapping paper you use as it is better to have more then less.

Step 3: Fold Both Sides of the Paper Inward.

By folding both sides in, it prevents the sloppy-cut ends of the paper from showing. This makes it so that only the nice, folded edge is shown.

Step 4: Flip the Present Upside Down.

You are wrapping the underside of the present. Therefore, it is recommended that you flip the gift as well. Once it is flipped, make sure to place it on the inside of the wrapping paper (the side of the wrapping paper that is not meant to be shown).

Step 5: Rest One of the Folded Sides on the Bottom of the Present.

Rest one of the folded sides on the bottom of the box. Optional: Tape the folded side to the bottom of present.

Step 6: Overlap Using the Second Folded Side and Tape.

This provides the present with a nice edge that is pleasing to the eye.

Step 7: Make a Triangle.

Make a triangle by bringing the top corner of the excess paper down to the floor. This forms a clean triangle shape-edge.

Step 8: Repeat This Step on the Other Sides.

This will give it that consistent look that many strive for.

Step 9: Fold Triangles Down Towards the Ground.

Fold one of the triangles into the ground. This forms another triangle that will come in handy later!

Step 10: Fold the Other Triangles Down, As Well!

Do the same to the other side. This will leave you with two big triangles (one on either side).

Step 11: Make Another Triangle.

Fold the top of the triangle down to give it a more professional, and less thrown-together, look. Repeat this step on the other side, as well.

Step 12: Tape.

This hides the triangle under the now trapizod-looking side piece. Seal the deal by doing the same to both sides and taping away.

Step 13: Start to Tie a Bow by Lining Up the Ends of the Yarn.

Lay the yarn out in a straight line. Place the present on the midpoint of the yarn. Bring both ends of the yarn up and compare length. Adjust accordingly.

Step 14: Loop the Yarn Around the Box.

Start to tie the bow as if it were your shoe lace, but do not tie the bow part just yet!

Step 15: Do the Same to the Underside.

Before tying the bow, turn the box ninety degrees and rest the string on the sides. Flip over the box (still holding the string) and tie a bow on the underside of the present to finish it off.

Step 16: Label It by Putting on a Gift Tag.

Know whose present is whose by putting gift tags on every present. This helps keep you organized throughout your gift-wrapping journey!

Step 17: Enjoy!

Enjoy your nicely wrapped gift. Remember, it is better to give than to receive!