Introduction: How to Pull of an Evil Prank at an Easter Party

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There are many ways to have fun at a party, like the traditional party games or cracking open a Piñata and let's not forget eating delicious treats but here I'm going to show you how to have more fun an EVIL way. Yes with a prank, because you can't have a party without a practical joke.

You'll need: 2 party hats, tape and baby powder
Begin by removing the elastic string on the first hat. 
Seal off the crease with a piece of tape.
Undo the other party hat and cut off a small circle from it, about an inch in diameter.
Poke 2 holes on the circle and tie both ends of the elastic string to it.
Add about an inch of baby powder into the hat.
Place the circle inside the hat to keep the powder from coming out, make sure its tight and snug.
Place the booby trapped hat on the table, then put a stack of party hats on top.

Every guess will put on a party hat and the person who is lucky enough to get the last one will be in for a funny surprise, When the elastic string is pulled the baby powder will get all over their head and clothes. It's great for an easter party!

***Check out the Video Tutorial to find out how you can booby trap a Party Hat for your guests or guests of the host. haha!