How to Put Leds on Rc Cars

Introduction: How to Put Leds on Rc Cars

This is a tutorial of how to put LEDs on R/C cars. To do this you need long LEDs of choice,switch of any kind and soldering gun (optional). I got white runway lights to make it look cool on ground.

Step 1: Now to Get on Working!

First take your LEDs out of the case. Mine are already on R/C car so no picture of LEDs.

Step 2: Soldering Time

Solder the swich to wires.BE CAREFUL I do not want u to get burned!after that wrap electrical tape or hot glue to keep wires in place.

Step 3: Final Touches

Now for the sticking down the materials.get double sided tape and stick power supply on sure to stick it down or it will cause problems.tape long wires together so the wires don't get tangled.after take adhesive of the back of LEDs you don't need them because the do not sure not to make leds not hit wheels or other moving parts.after have fun with your leds lights.

Step 4: This Is How It Would Look

It shows my rc car in dark and light.please thank me for the tutorial

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