Introduction: How to Put Roller Blade Wheels on a Skateboard

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Rollerblades don't fit anymore? No reason to throw them out or sell them. The wheels and bearings from old roller blades and roller skates can be of use on both skateboards and longboards.
Often skateboarders don't realize that skateboard wheels and roller blade wheels use the same type of 8mm skate bearings. And also that rollerblade wheels have a very large outer diameter, most rollerblade wheels can be anywhere from 65mm to 120mm. Those wheels compared to the average 54mm skateboard wheel give a very smooth, swift ride, while still having the ability to pop Ollie's & kickflips. The main point im trying to get across here is that you CAN put roller blade wheels on a skateboard. And here is how...

Step 1: Stuff Ya Need

So pretty much all you need to get the roller blade wheels off is an allen key set, if you dont already have one then you could probably get one for about $1.50 at a dollar store or something, their not hard to find. Since i have already done this instructable myself and im too lazy to put the roller blades back together again im just going to give you a detailed step by step instruction without too many pictures. Since some roller blades take different allen keys to get the wheels off you may need to experiment a bit with the set and see which allen key fits the pin which is holding the wheel in place.

Step 2: Get the Wheels Off...

Using the selected allen key, you can now twist out the pins on each wheel. Keep in mind that the pin on each wheel is secured on both sides of the wheel. There is 4 wheels on each roller blade. Once the pin on each wheel has been taken out, the wheel should simply slide out of its old position and fall out. Do this with all 8 wheels.

Step 3: Preparing the Wheels

Now before you go ahead and put the wheels on your skateboard, there is this annoying little plastic bearing spacer inside the roller blade wheel bearing. The problem is that the bearing spacer makes the inner diameter of the bearing too tight & small to fit on your skateboard trucks. They were made specifically to fit the roller blade pin. However you can take these out. All you need is your allen key at hand. Position the allen key inside the bearing. Now what must be done is you must use the allen key to pry the bearing out of its socket in the wheel. Both the bearing and bearing spacer should come out. This step takes a lot of force so dont be afraid of wrecking the bearing.

Step 4: Put the Wheels On

Now that the bearing & bearing spacer has been taken out can detach the spacer from the bearing and push the bearing back into the wheel. Now the bearing should fit on the truck axle on your skateboard. Now just put the wheel onto your skateboard like you would any wheel and... Ta Da! These new wheels will have a much higher top speed and slide much easier while still providing a very smooth ride.
NOTE: sliding can only be done on wheels no more than 80mm in diameter since they are very thin and could break. A pair of rollerblades will provide you with two sets of wheels & 2sets of bearings