How to Put Saves on PS3!

Introduction: How to Put Saves on PS3!

As easy as it seems You need patience


Access To Windows


Not A 56K Modem

And Thats It!

Step 1: Downloading Saves!

Ok Go To A Site That Has PS3 Saves

I Personally Use Gamefaqs

Ok Go To A Game (for me its Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City)

Step 2: Put the Save in Your Usb

Open The .Zip File And Drag It Into PS3/SAVEDATA

Step 3: Changing the Save ID!

Ok Some Games Say That "You Are Using Another User's Save"

We Are Changing That!

Search For A Save Resigner

Now install and open!

Step 4: Step 3.5: Fixing This

Two Ways

1. Dragging into your save

2. Bruteforce (remommanded)

im going to do way 2 ok?

download and install it

Now Select One Of Your Save

set profile and configure accounts and select something like 1

select save blah blah blah now custom save

set profile and select your new one!

Step 5: Copying

Just Plugin and copy

Step 6: Play

And Thats It!

Also Sorry For The Typos

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    Lol I remember when this just involved stealing my brother's memory card. Nice information, hope you share more with instructables in the future!