Introduction: How to Read a Yarn Label…Plus a Free Printable Chart!

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Have you ever seen the symbols and instructions on your yarn label and didn’t know what they all meant?
It used to look like an alien language to me in the beginning! But, after this tutorial…you’ll never be confused again on how to read a yarn label!

Plus, I am going to give you a Free Yarn Label Symbols Chart! Keep it with you in your knitting or crochet bag for a quick and easy reference! Click here for the chart!

Watch the video above or photo tutorial, or both!

Step 1: Yarn Weight

Yarn Weight: Yarns are categorized into different weights. From very skinny fingering to super bulky and even larger! The thicker the yarn, the larger the number. Mine is a Super Bulky Weight #6 yarn.

Step 2: Recommended Needle, Hook, & Gauge Size

When you buy yarn and you don’t know which needle or hook size to use…this is your guide!
For this yarn, they recommend US13 (9.00m) knitting needles & N-13 (9.0mm) crochet hook.

There is also gauge information next to the recommended needle and hook
size. On this one, it shows that if you knit or crochet a 4″ x 4″(10cm x 10cm) square, then you should get their # of rows (listed on the right of the square) and their # of stitches (listed underneath the square).

Remember, this is just a starting point, everyone’s gauges will
vary…depending on how tight or loose you knit or crochet. (Always refer to your patterns gauge requirements)

Step 3: Washing/Laundering

That little basin symbol means it is machine washable. If you had to hand wash it, there would be a hand symbol inside. If there is a number inside, this is the temperature the water should be.

Step 4: Bleaching

That little triangle means Bleach. It has an X through it, so that means don’t bleach. Anytime you see an X through a symbol, it means not to do it.

Step 5: Drying

When you see a square with a circle inside, this is your drying information. In this example, this symbol means you can dry this yarn normally. In other dryer symbols, you will see dots in the center, X’s, lines underneath and more!

Step 6: Ironing

This little guy is one of the easiest to recognize! It’s the iron symbol! You can see on this label that it has an X through it. Remember X means don’t do it! So, you wouldn’t iron this yarn.

Iron symbols can also have dots and other markings on them.

Step 7: Dry Cleaning

When you see a circle, it stands for dry cleaning. Circles can have many different lines and dots on them to indicate specific care instructions. On my yarn label, the circle with a P in the middle means I can have it dry cleaned with any solvent, except Trichloroethylene. And, I have no idea what that is! LOL

Step 8: Your Free Chart!

Now, I know that it’s impossible to remember all of the symbols!! That’s where this handy-dandy chart comes in!
Get it here: Yarn Label Symbols Chart

Happy label reading!