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Introduction: How to Remove Links From a Watch

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I don't fit any link watches out of the box, so I usually avoid them in order to not spend the extra 10 bucks or so to get links removed. However, I prefer link watches so I decided that it was a good idea to invest in a link remover. I couldn't believe how cheap they were... I got mine on Amazon for ~$4 (SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover, 5-Piece). This is a must-have if you have problems fitting watches out of the box! It comes with 3 pin punches of different sizes, a base with groves to fit bands of different thicknesses, and a hammer with a soft and hard end. It is so easy to use and within a minute or two, I've got a fitted link watch.

Step 1: Identifying Direction of the Pins

Many watches have markings on the links to indicate which direction to hammer. In this example, you want to hammer in the same direction as the arrows. If there aren't any arrows, then just look for the side where the pins sit further inside the hole.

Step 2: Identifying Direction of the Pins

In the image below, the top row of links has the side where you should hammer down facing up. The pins in the bottom row of links are flush and this is the side from where pins with come out.

Step 3: Removing the Pins

1) Use the right sized pin puncher
2) Tap gently
3) Tap on the correct side. It's that easy!

The pins only fit back in one way (tip first), so you'll know which end is correct pretty easily.

*Make sure you take an equal amount of links from each side of the band.
You want your watch to be balanced and to sit evenly on your wrist.

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    Janice Simms
    Janice Simms

    6 years ago

    Even after I took off all the links that i could, the watch would keep flipping over on my skinny wrist. I had to send it to to have them drill extra holes in the links for me.