Introduction: Remove//Change Background in Photoshop

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Step 1: Open Image in PS

- Open image in PS

- Zoom in using zoom tool

- Click on the Quick selection tool

- Customize tool size (size you want)

Step 2: Quick Tool Selection Process

- Just click on the parts you wanna keep

- When you're done go to Refine Edge

- Select Smart Radius & customize radius

- Adjust smooth...contrast (make your edges smoother) - then click OK

- Go Edit Copy....Edit Paste or SHORTCUT KEYBOARD OPTIONS:

CTRL + C = Copy CTRL + V = Paste

- Deselect /turn off lsmall eye icon) background image

Step 3: TIPS for Quick Selection Tool Process

Step 4: Upload Your New Background Image - the Final Result

- Upload Your New Background Image

- Go to Edit-Free Transform and transform (resize) your new background image

- When you're done click apply

- Crop background image

- Adjust color correction

- Add sand parts from your original background to your new one

- Save final result image

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Thank you.

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