Introduction: How to Replace a Motherboard Battery!!

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This Instructable will show you how to replace a motherboard battery in a desktop tower

** You will need a CR2032 Watch Battery **

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Step 1: Disconnect Tower

1. Unplug the tower

2. Disconnect any cords or cables connected to the back of the tower

  • Make sure to unplug any usb cables or anything else connected to the tower as well

Step 2: Remove Side Panel of Tower

1. Place the tower on a table

  • Make sure the back is facing towards you

2. Take out 2 screws holding the side panel in place

3. Turn the tower on it's side

  • Make sure the side panel is facing up

4. Holding the lip on the side panel pull it off of the tower

Step 3: Remove Battery

1. Find the mother board battery

2. Notice how the battery is held in place

a) Laying flat with no tab on top of it

- If the battery is laying flat with no tab on top of it, you can easily pop it out with your finger or a small flat edged screwdriver

b) Standing up on it's side

- If the battery is standing up on it's side, you can easily pop it out with your finger or a small flat edged screwdriver

c) Laying flat with a tab on top of it

- If the battery is laying flat with a tab on top of it, make sure you do not lift up the tab, instead you will have to slide the battery out from under it sideways as you do not want to break the tab

3. Take out the battery (CR2032 Watch Battery)

Step 4: Replace Battery

1. Remove the sticker from the battery if you haven't already

2. Put the battery in (CR2032 Watch Battery)

  • Make sure the battery snaps tightly into place

Step 5: Put Side Panel Back on Tower

1. Put the side panel back on the tower

  • Hold the panel sidewasy
  • Slide it back on carefully making sure that it lines up properly

2. Put the screws back in

  • You can put the screws back in using a screwdriver or you can twist them back in tightly using your fingers

3. Turn the tower upright again

Step 6: How to Tell If You Need to Replace the Battery

1. You will need to replace the mother board battery if ...

a) The battery is running low

  • If the battery is running low you will have a problem setting the time on your computers

- You will be able to set the time while you are using the computer, but when the computer is restarted the time will change on you

b) The battery is completely dead

  • If the battery is completely dead you will likely get a cmos error and have trouble turning on your computer