Introduction: How to Rice: Racing Wheel

So in continuation of our ricey modification to this poor Integra is a new steering wheel. The kids find these to look cool and a great interior modification. They are lighter, typically look better and have cool designs you can coordinate with other interior parts.

Step 1: Parts

On this particular 96 Integra we needed:

19 MM socket

Steering Column Adapter

Steering Wheel

30 Torq Bit Driver

Assorted Screwdrivers

These tools may vary from model to model of car. In short you need tools to take off your airbag and remove the bolt holding on your steering wheel. On some applications you will need a steering wheel puller. Our steering wheel came from NRG.

Step 2: First Things First

Please remove your positive battery cable. No one wants to have an airbag go off in your face, even in an emergency situation. This isn't an emergency situation. This will hurt if it goes off on you. Ask me how I know.

Step 3: Remove the Airbag

Our airbag was held in by the 30 Torq bit (2 of them, one on each side) and a couple of wires (to the airbag to let it know when it goes off). This will be the longest part of the process. It took about 15 minutes to do it safely.

Step 4: Remove the Steering Wheel

This steering wheel was held on by one 19 MM bolt. On older cars with pressed fit steering wheels you will need to use a steering wheel puller. You can rent one from Autozone for free, If you are having a bit of trouble freeing the steering wheel, give it a tap with a dead-blow hammer. This steering wheel however came off with a little tug.

Step 5: Getting Rid of the SRS Module

So you can do this two ways. Most people delete the horn whenever they do this modification and that is what we opted to do. So in this case just cut off the SRS module and pull the 3 Phillips holding in the module. You are almost done now!

Step 6: New Collar

Is collar installs very simply. Just slip it over the studs that held in the old SRS module. Now would be the time to add any spacers you need (in this case we did need one, but not installed) or a quick release.

Step 7: Install the Wheel

This wheel is held in by 6 2.5MM Allen head bolts. Screw those in and you are good to drive around with your new hoodlum wheel. There is a center cap to this wheel, but it would not clear our steering wheel bolt without a spacer between the collar and the wheel so we have not installed it at this point. It would go in between the wheel and the bolts that hold everything in. Note to you guys, you may need a spacer because currently this car will not turn easily without hitting your turn signal, brights, or windshield wipers. But the wheel is on and ready to cruise around (if you are careful).

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