Introduction: How to Ride a Skateboard

Two years ago my friend brought a skateboard to May daycare and he started riding it then the next day my other friend brought his so then I brought my brothers which was never used and they thought me.It took a long time for me to learn how to get on the board but practicing paid off because I was riding so smooth In about a week.So in this tutorial you are going to learn how to ride and learn some cruising tricks.

Step 1: Which Foot?

Before you start riding a skateboard you're going to need to figure out where you would place you feet.A good way to figure which foot you would put on front is to tell someone to push you.When you get pushed the first foot you put down is the one you would put on the front.Why you say because the reason you landed with the foot is because your more comfortable with that foot so when you would put the foot on top of the board you would be a lot more stabilized.

Step 2: Balance

To develop balance on a skateboard can be hard when you first step on a board.The best way to develop the balance on a skateboard is to go on the board slowly and do a penguin walk by putting one foot on the tail and the other on the head of the board and try to walk like a penguin.Another good way is to go on the board and very slowly kick and and try to balance yourself.once you can do that go a little harder and you will be ready for the next step.

Step 3: Turning

To turn on a skateboard is as simple as 1 2 3 we'll as long you have mastered the balance.All you need to do is just slightly push on the tail and use your front foot to guide it.But do little turns and move up to bigger faster turns later.

Step 4: Cruising Moves

Cruising tricks are not hard but are very simple and you should learn them after you mastered how to ride a board.

The first trick is a Manuel.A Manuel is the same as a wheelie on a bike all it is is your front wheels lift but the back wheels stay down and you just balance.

The last trick is the slide.Slide is just a trick you would do when moving on a skateboard.What you have to do is foo really fast and put your back foot to the edge of the board and push the the board should slide.

You are certainly going to need to practice to perfect these moves.

Step 5: Ending

When skateboarding practicing is a demand if you want to learn.Your going to have to practice a lot.Thanks for reading don't forget to like,follow,and vote.
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