Introduction: How to SSH and Add Custom Themes Into a Jailbroken IPhone/iPod Touch

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As stated  in the title, I'm going to show you how SSH and add a custom theme into a jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch. You will need to download WinSCP : (there's no viruses i promise.)

Step 1: Jailbreaking Your IPhone/iPod Touch

If your iPod touch IS NOT jailbroken and you have the 4.1 update, you're in luck: you can jail break your iPhone/iPod Touch at. All You have to do is click your operating system ( Window, Mac, or Linux) and click run. The program will tell you exactly waht to do.******** WARNING:  Your Screen will go white and a bunch of code will show up its entirly normal******.  Now open the loader app and tap install cydia. once thats done, open cydia and have it reorganize.

Step 2: Getting OpenSSH

You're going to need openSSH to do this. I dont have A picture for this sorry i thought i could upload a video but the uploader wouldn't let me :(. So what you're gonna do is open Cydia again, tap search, type in openSSH and tap it. In the uper right-hand corner theres a button that says "Install". Tap it and tap confirm. let it install and tap return to Cydia and press the home button.  Now search "winterboard" and install it you're going to need it.

Step 3: Getting Into Your IDevice

Now to get in your iDevice you need to go into Settings>Wi-Fi and tap the little blue arrow next to you wi-fi router. You're going to need the IP address soon so keep that handy. Next open WinSCP. Now type in your IP address under "Host Name" and "root" as the User name and the password is "alpine" (It's like that for all IDevices.) Now click Login. once thats loads, you will get a window will a LOT of files. The Left hand side is from YOUR harddrive. the Right side is your iDevice.

Step 4: Adding Custom Themes

Now you can add custom themes into your iDevice. NOTE: I get my themes from and make one and download it as a .zip file and extract the folder. Your going to need to navigate through the directories:  var/stash/themes.rhRJHS. Now you see some random folders. DON'T GO INTO THEM. Now drag the extracted folder into the themes.rhRJHS folder.

Step 5: You're Done!

Yay you're done, now what? You open winterboard on your iDevice and tap 'Select Themes" and find your custom theme. Now tap "WinterBoard" in the upper Left corner and tap respring. NOTE: your ipod will freeze on a random screen and then it will unlock/prompt you to imput your passcode. Thats normal.  Now your theme should be applied. Leave comments on the intro page for help.