Introduction: How to Salvage a Magnet From a Speaker

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If you have any useless speakers I really recommend you doing this

If you already have only the speaker skip to step 6

Step 1: The Tools You'll Need

Utility Knife

Philips Screwdriver or a Drill Or A Drill

Flat screwdriver

Step 2: Cut

I cut off the acoustic diffuser to reveal the speaker

Step 3: Take the Off Plastic Shield

I was able to pull it off easily

Step 4: You'll Need a Screwdriver

Open the screws to take the speaker out of the box.

Step 5: This Is the Speaker

By the way this is a 4 OHM 3 WATT speaker

Step 6: Use Your Knife Again

Cut the diaphragm (paper cone) off, And then pull it out with the coil

Step 7: The Hardest Part

Stick the flat screwdriver between the magnet and the basket of the speaker.

The best way to do it is by turning the screwdriver between the magnet and the basket and the speaker and with a lot of strength pry them apart

You can also do this by hitting the screwdriver with a hammer (I had to come up with the first way after the metal part of the magnet scratched my floor)

Step 8: This Is the Magnet

This is the first magnet I ever found that was rusted, But It is still pretty strong

Step 9: It's Stronger Than You Think

This magnet can easily pick up a drill I made myself which weighs more than 900 grams (32 ounces).

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