How to Secure Your 6 Inch Smartphone From Thieves

Introduction: How to Secure Your 6 Inch Smartphone From Thieves

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Large 5 and 6 Inch smartphones are great, but your flagship device can easily catch the eye of thieves. Learn how to protect your device now.

Step 1: Use a Discreet, Low-Key Case

Personalization and individuality aside, you may want to shy away from fancy charms and colorful cases. Bright colors and loud patterns will bring unwanted attention to you as you use your phone, while a discreet case will help you better blend in with other people using 6 inch smartphones of their own.

Step 2: Use a Holster or Belt Bag

Specialized holsters and belt bags let you hide your 6 inch mobile phone under your clothes without the phablet swinging all over the place. These containers fit snugly around your body as well; giving you a safer place to store your phone when you’re not using it. Training yourself to slot your 6 inch smartphone into the holster or belt bag will also help a lot if you have a tendency to leave your gadgets all over the place.

Step 3: Attach an ID Strap to the Phone Charm Slot

See that small hole on your phone’s case? The one where you slip phone charms into using a cow hitch knot? You can actually connect it to straps designed to hold identification cards around your neck. You can then carry your 6 inch tablet phone around like a necklace, or you can attach it to a belt to serve as a safeguard against pickpockets or accidentally dropping your phone if you insist on putting it inside your pocket.

Step 4: Learn to Use Wireless Accessories

Why expose your 6 inch phablet to curious eyes when you can use a Bluetooth headset or smart watch?These wireless accessories let you use the more commonly-used features of a 6 inch smartphone – namely make or answer calls, input voice commands, read texts, read emails, check the time. This gives you a discreet way of using your phone in public places, thereby reducing the risk of getting singled out by pickpockets, muggers or opportunistic thieves.

Step 5: Remote-Secure Your Phablet

Security apps like Lookout Security or Avast! protect you not only from viruses but from theft as well. These apps let you send remote commands to your phone. You can lock it, scramble the data on it, shut down internet access, send an email to you with the GPS coordinates and/or cause an obnoxiously loud alarm to alert nearby people that your 6 inch smartphone is stolen. Some even come with geofencing capabilities, which can trigger commands if they leave a pre-defined area.

Step 6: Set a Tough, Exclusive Password

You would be surprised at how effective a tough password can be at deterring thieves – especially the opportunistic ones. Friends, family or colleagues might be tempted to nab your 6 inch screen smartphone if they see that they can use it for themselves. A tough password that you refuse to share, however, will greatly discourage them. Why bother risking a criminal case or an ugly falling out over a device that’ll be useless to them? This effect is magnified if they know that you’ve got a robust remote security suite to protect the phone the moment you know it’s lost or stolen.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to better protect your 6 inch smartphone against would-be thieves! If you’re in the market for a 6 inch smartphone, whether for personal use or for retail, then you’ll definitely want to check out Chinavasion’s extensive catalogue of goodies. Visit to learn more!

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