How to Select Paracord

Introduction: How to Select Paracord

When your new to paracord it may be hard to decide what you should use. In this article I will tell you how. 1. Pick the type of cord that suits the needs of your project. For example, use 550 cord if you are to build a survival bracelet or for tough jobs. Remember though it still has its limits. The 550 stands for the maximum percentage of weight it can hold. If the limit is exceeded it will most likely snap and break. 2. If for craft projects use 550 or 230 cord. There are many varieties of colors to choose from. So you may want to choose one to your liking. 3. If you are selling the cord in some way such as bracelets, lanyards etc. you may want to ask the customers colors they like. So you will create higher income. I hope that I have given some useful advice on choosing paracord the right way.

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