Introduction: How to Sell Books on

The following instructions will show how to sell used books online using The steps require prior knowledge of using internet. You will need access to the internet, a telephone, an e-mail account, a credit card, and a book you desire to sell.

Step 1: Beginning Steps:

Open an internet browser on your computer.

Step 2:

Type in and press Enter in the domain.

Step 3:

 Move your arrow over the Hello. Sign in link.
     -A drop down menu will appear. 

Step 4:

Drag your arrow down to the Start here link, located next to  the question, “New customer?”
      -Click the Start here link.

Step 5:

Fill out all required information.
     -Click Create Account.
     -You will automatically be signed into your account.

Step 6: Selling the Book:

Click Your Seller Account on the top right hand of the page.

Step 7:

Click Start Selling below the “Sell Your Stuff” Section.

Step 8:

Type in you’re your e-mail address and password that you just created.
     -Click Continue.

Step 9:

Fill out all necessary information.
     -Click Call.
     -You will receive a call from an automated system.

Step 10: Selling the Book:

 Using your telephone, enter the “pin” number when prompted.

Step 11:

 Click Register and Continue.

Step 12:

Move your mouse over the link that reads Inventory at the top, right hand side of the page.
     -Click on the link that says Add Product.

Step 13:

Type in the ISBN number of your textbook in the search bar.
     -The ISBN number can be found on the backside of the of  your text book .

Step 14:

Click the Search link.
     - A picture of your book will appear.
      -If more than one book appears, scroll to find the one  that matches your edition.

Step 15:

Click on the link that says Sell Yours.

Step 16:

Fill out all required fields.
     - Required fields are denoted by a *
     -Refer to video for further detailed instructions, if needed.

Refer to this YouTube link for more in depth instructions, and a video tutorial

Step 17:

Click on the yellow button that reads Save and Finish.
     -A new page will pop up that reads “Congratulations…..”

Step 18:

 Check your e-mail on a frequent basis.
     - When your book sells, amazon will notify you by an email with a “Sold, ship now” subject line.

Step 19:

Click on the link in step 1 of the email.

Step 20: What to Expect When the Book Sells:

Click the “Print order packing slip” at the top right hand side of the page.

Step 21:

Print the new page that opens.

Step 22:

Package your book and the printed packing slip together.
     -Write the buyers address on the outside of the package.

Step 23:

Mail your book via any carrier method you prefer.
      -Make sure to make note of the carrier you use, the shipping service, and the tracking ID.

Step 24:

Once you have shipped your book, return to your e-mail for the “sold ship now” message from amazon.
      -Click on the link in step 1 of the email.

Step 25:

Enter the carrier you used, the shipping service, and the tracking ID in the provided text boxes.
     -Click “Confirm Shipment”.
     -Your textbook sale process is complete.