How to Set Up a Drum Kit

Introduction: How to Set Up a Drum Kit

This is my first Instructable so don't expect anything too special. This Instructable will show you how to set up your drums.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Kick Drum

Your kick drum should be level to give you the best possible sound. Also, your hoop will not bend when it's attached to your pedals.

Step 2: Finding a Comfortable Place for Your Pedals

First off, sit down and have your legs out in a comfortable spot. This is where your pedals should go.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Hi Hats

To set up your hi hat clutch, you will want to have 1 felt on each side of the top Hat, fastened with a nut. Your Hi Hats should clap together.

If you have a double kick pedal, your Hi Hats should either go to the left, or the right. Try to keep your Hi Hat more of a priority than your double kick pedal.

Step 4: Finding a Spot for Your Snare Drum

Your snare should be positioned in between your pedals and close to your Hi Hats.

Step 5: Finding a Spot for Your Rack Tom(s)

Your Rack Tom(s) should be positioned in front of you. You don't want them too far away from you. I mount my rack tom on a cymbal stand, to get it lower, and more to the left. You may mount them however you like.

Step 6: Finding a Spot for Your Floor Tom(s)

Your floor tom(s) should be a comfortable distance away positioned to the side of you. I chose to put my floor toms on either side of me based on personal preference.

Step 7: Putting Up Cymbals

Your crash cymbal should not be positioned higher than your shoulder. You will want to mount it on a slight angle, so you don't damage the cymbal with the stick. I have a splash cymbal temporarily mounted upside down on top of my crash.

Your ride cymbal should not be too far away from you. I have my ride cymbal mounted in front of me based on personal preference. It's not hard to hit the ride when it's close to you.

Step 8: Your Finished Product

I hope I have helped you set up your drums. Thank you for taking your time to read my first Instructable.

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    9 years ago

    I'd like to add 1 thing, I am showing you how I setup my drums. I say how "I" because everyone likes their setup different. I am giving a base on setting up you're drums.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good job!

    I'd add one suggestion about the rack tom placement for folks with a dual tom mount that is on the kick drum. Sometimes folks end up with pretty weird rack tom placements. I sugges that you raise the main tom mounting post(s) up pretty high. From there, you'll have to use various combinations of adjustments to the other mounting hardware to get the angle of the toms to look right. Once you get the rack toms close together and at a good angle for playing, you can then lower the main posts back down a little so that the two tom heads are at the same level with each other, and not bumping into the kick drum on the bottom.