How to Set Up a Nail Salon/studio at Home

Introduction: How to Set Up a Nail Salon/studio at Home

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Hello! This instructable will tell you how you can set up your very own nail studio/salon at home. Btw I recently painted my nails... Here is a pic of them... PLZ tell me if you like or dislike them in the comments... They are pink and sparkly!!

Step 1: FIND a SPACE

Firstly, you are going to need a space to set up your studio. I recommend a medium-size desk with drawers. You will also need a comfortable chair, chairs with adjustable height are the best. Also, a simple lamp which can be adjusted is ideal so that nail polish will dry faster in its light. Here is a picture of my desk... It is a suitable space for example. Sorry about the random crap on the floor. Also, a shelf above the desk is ideal, as shown in the other pic. (Yes, those are teddy bears on the shelf. Yes, I am fourteen. Stop smirking)


So this is the fun part. This is where you need to collect nail polishes/Colours, base and top coats, Nail polish remover, nail buffers, nail files, nail stickers, and anything else you can possibly think of. Gather everything and anything you think is related to nails. You will also need an appropriate surface to put on your space surfaces as to avoid mess and to achieve higher quality in your Studio. For this I highly recommend a craft cutting mat. You will also need to collect storage items to organize your collection. Organization is the next step of this instructable.


When creating a nail studio, organization is key. Place your painting surface in the middle of the desk. Place your lamp in one of the top corners of the desk, making sure that the light is positioned so that it will shine on the painting surface. Place all your polishes on the shelf and/or across the back of your desk. Place all your tools in the desk drawers. and that's it! Thx for reading! PLZ leave comments!

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    9 years ago

    I love u plz follow me here and on Instagram plz


    9 years ago on Step 3

    For 14 you really have a grasp on organization-u could teach my 16 year old a thing or two. Keep up the good work! Kudos to u and your parents!