How to Sew a Button




Introduction: How to Sew a Button


Our project worked with the StichKit, a sewing kit provided in hotels and hospitality suites around the nation. The focus of this usability test was the QR(Quick Response) Code printed on the card insert within the StichKit. The usability testing was used to determine whether or not the instruction method, accessed by QR code and then used via a mobile device.

What You’ll Need (Materials)
Your kit has been prefabricated with a needle and thread. There should be more than enough thread to sew a button or, for other needs, to hem a pant.

· Flat button

· Needle (already threaded and knotted)

· Spool of thread

· Pen

· pin

Step 1:

Align the buttonhole with where you want the button to be placed. To do this, align the buttonhole with where you want the button and through the buttonhole itself.

Step 2:

Use the pen to make a mark through the button hole. This will be one point that you will draw your needle through.

Step 3:

Align one hole of the button with the mark you have made on the fabric. Draw the needle up through the back of the fabric into the second hole of the button.

Step 4:

Now draw the needle back down through the first hole with the mark.

Step 5:

Put the toothpick between the fabric and the button. The toothpick should run between the two buttonholes. Now your button is anchored.

Step 6:

Draw your needle through the second buttonhole and back down through the first hole. Repeat this step 8-10 times or until your button is securely sewn.

Step 7:

Draw your needle through the fabric only, careful to avoid piercing the button.

Step 8:

Wind the thread around the button three to four times before drawing the needle back down through the fabric.

Step 9:

You can now remove the toothpick you used to anchor the button.

Step 10:

Use your needle to make one small stitch through the fabric avoiding the buttonholes.

Step 11:

Bring your needle through the loop that is left over and pull through. Repeat this step twice more.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    These instructions look good!

    The toothpick trick is an excellent idea to keep the button from being sewn on too tight. Nice work!