How to Sharpen and Put an Edge on a Knife

Introduction: How to Sharpen and Put an Edge on a Knife

This arrival will share how to put an edge or how to make an edge on a knife wether made at home or bought a a store. Enjoy.

Step 1: Making an Edge

So that you can sharpen your new knife you need to make an edge on it. Start by putting the knife in a vise. Then take a sharp file for metal working and sharpen an edge on it not to thin of an edge and not to thick of an edge. If you are doing a double sided knife make sure that you do an equal amount of filing in both sides or it won't sharpen right.

Step 2: Repeat

If the knife has two blades like mine then repeat on both sides. Again make sure that you file the same amount on both sides.

Step 3: Sharpening

First you take your sharpening stone and put a little by if water on it, if you are using a sharpening tool you don't have to wet it. Do same thing with the stone as you did the file but the time make sure that the blade is pointed towards you and push away from your body. Repeat on all the side that need to be sharpened. You might have to reset the stone if you are using one half way through. You know when it sharp if it catches your finger when you rub the edge on your finger. Do not rub it in the direction that you would go to cut something that would be painful.

Step 4: Done

There you have it. Now you know how to sharpen your own knife blade. Please be sure to sharpen with care. And don't blame me for any cuts. If you have any questions then leave a comment.

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