Introduction: How To- Sherlock Painted Shoes

So I've gotten into painting shoes lately. Here is my attempt at making Sherlock themed shoes. I have yet to find a step-by-step instructions for these things. So here you go! Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

First things first: gathering materials. 1. Paints. Make sure you use acrylic paints for canvas shoes! I uses white, black, brown, purple, red and yellow. 2. Paint brushes. I reconvened getting a pack of acrylic paint brushes just so you have a variety of brushes to use for different painting parts. 3. Water and paper towels 4. Hair dryer. It makes it so you can dry the paint faster after you get done with a section or a coat. Otherwise you have to wait a few hours before continuing. I took the hair dryer to the paint every time I finished a step.

Step 2: First Painting!

Ok so when you start, the toe of the shoe is going to be the wallpaper from sherlock's apartment, including the smiley face. So to start you need to cover the whole toe with white paint. It makes it easier to paint over it with the other colors. Makes it less bumpy. I used 2 coats for this part just to make sure that I covered everything. I uses a large, smooth brush (shown in picture) to do the majority of the painting, then a smaller brush to do the touchups around the edges. Remember to take the hair dryer to the paint after each coat!

Step 3: Wallpaper!

So this part I had a bit of trouble with vim not a particularly good drawer and I was free-handing it, so the pattern isn't exactly uniform. I started off using a pencil to do the outlines of the wallpaper. It's sort of a weird shape. Then I painted over those with a small, very very small paint brush. After that, you can either draw in the other parts. Or do what I did and just sort of eyeball it.

Step 4: Smiley Face!

And now for the famous smiley face! I just used a small paint brush to paint this on. I did it twice to make sure that it showed up against the wallpaper pattern.

Step 5: Purple Shirt of Sex :3

Ok so now for a tribute to sherlock's shirt of sex. I used the same brushes that I used for the white paint in the first step. Do both sides and the tongue of the shoe, leaving the heel empty for now. I did 2 coats for this part.

Step 6: I O U

And a tribute to Moriarty! IOU a fall! I painted 2 coats of red paint, then used a smalllllll brush to write out the letters, going over them twice.

Step 7: Tada!!!!

All done! Now you can show off your new Sherlock themed shoes!
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