Introduction: How to Sleep

Have you ever lied in bed thinking I'll NEVER go to sleep? Fear no longer!! This instructable will teach you how to sleep. I did this method while my dad was mowing the lawn and my hedgehog was running on his noisy wheel and it worked!! This is my first instructable so tell me if you liked it and please no hurtful comments.

Step 1: Climb Into Bed

Make sure your bed is comfortable.

Step 2: Fluff Pillows

Make sure your pillows are fluffed and comfortable.

Step 3: Grab an Animal

I always sleep with my fat cat Charlie. My cat wouldn't look at the camera.

Step 4: Lie Down

Lie down with your animal whether it be a dog or a cat or a hamster or a bunny or a hedgehog What ever animal you want that doesn't bite or hurt you.

Step 5: Turn on Some Noise

Turn on anything with a little noise if you like noise if not make sure it's quite. I can't find a way to take a picture of noise so I didn't take a picture.

Step 6: Pull Up the Covers

Pull up the covers make sure you're nice and tucked in.

Step 7: Lie There and Think Nothing

You go to sleep when your brain is bored so if you keep saying in your head " I have to go to sleep I have to go to sleep"

Step 8: SLEEP

You will usually go to sleep if you followed the instructions. It even worked on my cat.