How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

Introduction: How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

Step 1: Learn the Movements

R: Right face
L: Left face
B: back face
D: down face
F: front face
U: up face

I: inverted (anti-clockwise)

(Ri, Di, R, D) do this six times and the cube come back to normal

Step 2: Getting a Cross

Have four edges just like this, really easy but hard to explain how to do it. Make sure the other side of the edge piece matches the colour that it is touching.

Step 3: Corner Pieces

Get a corner underneath where is goes or if it is already in the right place but not faced correctly

(Ri, Di, R, D) keep repeating until it's in the right place

Step 4: Getting the Edge Pieces

Flip the cube so the complete side is on the bottom.

Have the piece that goes in between the two centres on top with it on centre with the same colours touching. It'll took like an upside down 'T'

If the piece needs to move to the left(Ui, Li, U, L, U, F, Ui, Fi)

If the piece needs to move to the Right(U, R, Ui, Ri, Ui, Fi, U, F)

If the piece is already in but back to front then replace it with a different edge

Step 5: The Cross Again

The next stage has only 1 Algorism.

If it is just a dot, no edges (corners don't matter)

(F R U Ri Ui Fi)

It with leave an 'r' shape. Hold it so one piece is facing you and to your right and do it again,

It with leave a line, hold it horizontally and do it again and it will leave you a cross

Step 6: The Last Edges

Spin the top so only ONE edge is correct (if two opposite are correct then go straight to the Algorism and re-do this step)

Hold the correct piece closest to you

If the middle piece on the left side has to go to the right

(Li, U2, L, U, Li, U, L)

If the middle piece on the right side has to go to the left

(R, U2, Ri, Ui, R, Ui, Ri)

After that your cross should have matched edges on the other sides

Step 7: Final Step

Find only ONE corner that is correct and hold the cube so it is in the right corner closest to you, (it doesn't have to be correctly faced just so it is the the correct spot) if all four are into the correct place but not facing the correct way go down four paragraphs.

(U, R, Ui, Li, U, Ri, Ui, L)

Now all corners are in the right spot, some might even be correctly faced

(This bit is a bit complicated, remember the Algorism we used to get the first four corners, well this is a lot like it.)

If one is already finished the hold it so it is in the bottom left, if two then hold so the are both on the left side

(Ri, Di, R, D) this till the first corner is in the is correctly faced and move (U) so you finish the Algorism with the next corner. If it is three of four corners needing fixed then keep going

And now the cube should be at least one move from being complete

Step 8:

(Easy) Hold both sides of the cube an spin the centre to the left, up, to the right, then down.

L2, R2, F2, F2, U2, D2

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