Introduction: How to Spray Paint Your PDA

I had a long summer holiday and i decided to spray paint my PDA. Got bored with the lame black housing, i wanted to spray it metallic red and leave the side lining, the back camera area, and the navigation button black. I like the Red n Black combination.You guys can use other colors if you want.

So what we need for this project are:
- A Small Philip Screwdriver
- A Small Hexagon Tip Screwdriver (I used Wera 118064 - Kraftform 2054 Micro Screwdriver Hexagon Tip SW 1.3 / 40)
- Case Opener Tool (You can find it at used a flathead screwdriver instead)
- Adhesive Tape
- Small Knife (Carving knife would be better)
- Spray Paint (Acryl Metallic that is suitable for plastic)
- Some old Newspaper
- Rubbing alcohol
- A suitable workplace (I put a cloth on my workplace so that the device won't get damaged)

Let's get it started!

Step 1: Open Sesame!!

First of all remove the battery and your SIM card. Using the case opener tool, remove the plate for the camera. If you use the screwdriver, careful not to scratch the surface ( well, i don't mind if you do). Look for the tabs.

Once the plate is removed, unscrew the four screws using the Hexagon Tip Screwdriver. Again try to look for the tabs that hold the front plate with the back.

Step 2: Detach!!

Once the tabs are loose, careful not to pull the covers with force because there is still a wire attached to the motherboard from the small speaker inside the back cover. I let it be, but if you know how to detach it, be my guest.

Notice that there are 2 ribbon cables attached to the motherboard, coming out from both sides. Try to lift up the smaller cable. The big cable? I'll leave it if i were you. But if you are certain enough with what you are doing, please detach it.

There will be 2 screws (top left and below right) you need to unscrew using Philip Screwdriver. Unscrewed, you can flip the motherboard and now you can see the display.

At the navigation button, there are screws you need to unscrew.After that pull it out gently.

There's a vibrator next to the navigation button.Remove it too.

The display, use the case opener tool and pry it out. Start with the middle tabs. After that you can easily pull it out.

Step 3: Seal!!

Before we paint, seal the areas that you don't want them to be painted.

- The camera lens/ mirror/ speaker area
- The "2.0 Megapixels" area
- The "Windows Mobile" sticker (If you don't like it, paint on it then)
- The front speaker

These areas need to be sealed with adhesive tape. Using a small knife, try to cut out the unwanted tapes

Step 4: Spray!!

In this step, try to do it in an open space.

Spread the newspaper on the floor and put the parts on them as far as possible from each other.Before that, clean the surface of the parts to make sure they are clean, dry and not sticky. I skipped this step, but as suggested by one of our member from this site, use rubbing alcohol will clean the surface.If not, sand paper is just as good.(Credit to klubvibez)

Shake the spray paint can for about 3 minutes to make sure it is well mixed. Do a test spray on other newspaper. The distance should be around 25 - 30cm. Don't spray too near.

After ensuring that spray can is good to go, spray on the parts. Mind the distance (25 - 30 cm). Spray on top and the sides. After spraying the first layer, leave them dry for 10-15 mins.

Once they are dry, spray again for another layer and let it dry. Repeat the same step for third layer and so on until you are satisfied that the paint layers are even. Let them dry for half an hour.

While waiting for them to dry, you can brush away the dusts that are trapped inside your PDA. ;)

Step 5: Peel!!

After the parts are dry, peel off the adhesive tape.

Rub the surface of the painted covers with paper or tissue to remove excessive paint.

And again suggested by our member, clear-coating it will make the paint last longer and will make it look shinier.(Credit to klubvibez)

Step 6: Reattach!!

Reattach the covers.

And lets hope that your PDA still works.

There you go.Your cool, shiny lookin PDA..Get ready to show off!!

Thanx Charlie White from Gizmodo for reviewing my project.

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