How to Stand Up to Your Egg




Introduction: How to Stand Up to Your Egg

This is another really simple solution to display your decorated eggs. All you have to do, is get access to a 3d printer.

Step 1: Download on Thingiverse and Print!

Click the link to go to thingiverse and download another really cool design by sebmettraux and upload to your 3d printer. After it finishes slicing, you can start the print. Here are the specs I used for the print:

- raft (on)
- supports (on)
- infill (20)

Thanks, hope you liked my instructable. Don't forget to vote!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like to crack em' around while pretty hot, scrape the solid white and runny yoke "6 minutes - To the second", mix in some salt and pepper and a generous dollip of Churn Style and You'll need nothing else. Yup. ~(:-})={>---- ]