Introduction: How to Start a Nerf Gun Game

Step 1:

First, get all of your nerf guns. Then, you get all of your friends gathered to start a game. Notice: get all of you get all your friends from your neighborhood only.

Step 2:

Notice: do not use xploders to play Nerf gun games because that would be not fair To others. First stay a distance from 10 to 15 feet away from somebody to avoid injury. Now to start, take the Nerf guns and share a nerf gun with people unless they have one. :)

Step 3:

Please, do not use glow guns or lazer guns and unless you have one for everybody else. If you have more of the same guns for everybody else share them with them if they have one you don't have more. Then, take all your guns and count them all and only count ones are the same

Step 4: Start Playing;)

First to start the game gave all the guns to everybody and say start game and time it for at least five minutes. Have fun!