Introduction: How to Stay Safe

Today I'll teach you how to be safe

Step 1: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It depended where you are if your in the forest you have to watch for wild animals
If you are in the city you have to watch for vehicle ect.

Step 2: In the City

When your in the city you have to watch where you walk avoid places like ally ways or deserted places that's where your most likely to be beat up or mugged. You'll still have to watch for vehicles when crossing the road when you're walking through a very crowded area watch out for people trying to pickpocket you

Step 3: In the Forest

When you're hiking always bring a survival kit act with a knife waterproof matches a first aid kit rations and nonperishable food's Always bring a compass a map and know your route if you are hiking alone bring a radio and remember landmarks on your way through the trail