How to Store Tape

Introduction: How to Store Tape

Don't press down the end and lose it. Don't fold under a corner and waste tape! Here is a nifty way to store tape, so you can easily get to the end, every time.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    One other thing you can do is make a flap out of a piece of tape, and use it like a tab under your tape when you put the roll away.

    I made dispensers for a few of my most used tape rolls. Along with keeping track of the end for me using tape in a dispenser is just a lot nicer than using just the bare roll. The dispenser sets down nicer, it doesn't roll away, or the side of the tape doesn't get screwed up. It is easier to cut the tape nicely with scissors with the tape held by a dispenser too.

    I thought about posting an article here about how to make them. But I guess everyone can figure it out for themselves. Making the wheel cores was a little tricky I guess. The solution I came up with does work well, and it is pretty easy to do too.