Introduction: How to Survive in Woodsball

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This is some basic pointers, tips, and tricks to surviving i woodsball game.

Step 1: Know Your Limits

There is nothing more important than knowing your limits. Do not rush things and don't go to fast, this is a very important balance but yet very tricky to master. If you get a feeling that the thing you must do isn't right, dont stop or DON'T run into a firefight screaming and shooting like a maniac!

Step 2: Know Your Equipment's Limits

This also has a place. Dont try to shoot someone with a small paintball pistol 2 miles down range and if you have a death wish, shoot people with a sniper from 20 inches... They wil be very unhappy

Step 3: Know What Your Up Against

Again, dont run madly around corners.....

Step 4: Basic Equipment

Lets face it. You can't yell your plans across the field. In The pics are some examples:

Step 5: Tactics

Tactics work, so use it