How to Survive When Homeless

Introduction: How to Survive When Homeless

Here's a fun weird game where you start with two dollars and fifty cents and 3 items of your choice your backyards you home and you have to trash dig and do jobs for money it weird trust me

Step 1: Get 2.50

Get $2.50 to start with

Step 2: Pick 3 Items

Such as string cardboard food bike trumpet and more

Step 3: How to Play

Find items to make a shelter then you can go to a store and buy items how to make money trash dig for items that are worth money and trade with freinds also playing basically bend and make new rules

Step 4: I Know It Weird

Please don't comment how's it's dumb and stupid

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    6 years ago

    Your "game" sounds exactly like my life between 05 - 07... Does that give me any advantage over other players?


    7 years ago

    Souns totally epic! meesa have to try this.