Introduction: How to Take Apart a Baseball

These are the steps to taking apart a baseball.

Step 1: Cut the Red Lacing

Cut the red laces around the baseball until the two leather pieces of the baseball are free from the baseball.

Step 2: String

Unroll all of the string until you reach a carpet like material.

Step 3: Outer Layer of Carpet

Unroll the outer, darker and thinker layer of carpet string.

Step 4: Middle Layer

Unroll the middle layer of carpet string. It is a lighter mor thin carpet string.

Step 5: Last Layer

Unroll the last layer of carpet lining. It's Is thinner and a light color. Continue to unroll until you reach the end of your journey. A rubber ball.

Step 6: Inside the Rubber Ball

If you decide to cut open the rubber ball you notice a smaller ball. It Is a small cork ball.