Introduction: How to Take Pictures of the Smaller Things in Life

These instructions will show you how to take photos of the smaller things in life. :)

Step 1: Step One

First take out your camera and turn in on. Make sure the battery is charged. It could be any kind of camera. From Canon to Nikon to GoPro to a cell phone camera. Any kind of camera will work, BUT not all will produce the same resolution. For this demonstration I will use a normal cell phone. Not everyone always has a true camera on hand but most do carry there cell phone which normally have a camera on it.

Step 2: Step Two

Go to the any area (For me it was the grass), look around. Perhaps you see a leaf, a flower, a rock, whatever you like. Just find what you want to take a picture of, for me it was a small flower and a leaf.. Even though you can't see it here it is there hidden amongst the grass blades. But you can see the leaf I will be taking a picture of.

Step 3: Step Three

Lay on the grass, stomach to the ground. Don't get too close to the object (again flower for me) you want to take a picture of but don't get to far. Depending on your camera you may need to get closer or a little farther. Place your camera very close to the ground, you still be holding the camera. Find the shot you want. Then Snap the picture, you may do this multiple times to capture new and different angles.

This photo is one that is at a good distance. You can see the detail the the photo and that is what you want.

Step 4: Final Step

For me I layed on the grass and looked threw the lens, I had to find the shot where it showed the flower (It was small, the blades of grass were bigger then the flower itself but I didn't give up and I found the shot I was looking for) Be patient and still when it comes to taking the perfect picture.

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