How to Terminate Coax Cable

Introduction: How to Terminate Coax Cable

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Read the instructions, or watch our video to easily learn how to terminate a Coax TV cable in just a few steps!

First, you'll need these items:

  • Coax Cable you'd like to terminate
  • Cable Stripper
  • F-Type Connector
  • Compression Tool

Step 1:

Take your cable stripper and place it onto the cable, leaving a small amount of the cable peaking out on the other end.

Step 2:

Next, spin the cable stripper around the cable, several times, until you are sure it has cut through. Spin in one direction first, then spin in the other direction.

Step 3:

After the cable stripper has made a clean cut, pull off the end. You may have trouble pulling off the back portion. If this is the case, use a Needle Nose Plier to grab that last bit and pull it off.

Step 4:

Next you'll take the F-Type connector and insert it onto the end of the cable.

Step 5:

Inserting the F-Type connector may take some effort to make sure there is a firm connection. Press down with force and twist to make sure it's properly on.

Step 6:

Your goal is to have the end of the copper cable approximately flush with the end of the F-Type Connector.

Step 7:

Next take your compression tool and insert the cable with the F-Type Connector into the tool.

Step 8:

Squeeze the handle several times.

Step 9:

Last, make sure that the connector is firmly attached to the cable by pulling on the end. If it passes your test, you have successfully Terminated a Coax cable!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very good instructable, I would add that you need to inspect the center conductor to be certain that the aluminum braid has not left any strands around the center conductor, before placing the compression fitting in place, also you want to make certain that the dielectric (the white center section is round, not oval).