Tie a Santee Cooper Rig for Catfishing



Introduction: Tie a Santee Cooper Rig for Catfishing

I am a Texas based professional catfish guide that operated in North Texas and I also manufacture a…

The santee rig or santee cooper rig is a very popular and effective setup for fishing for blue catfish. There are many options available when it comes to catfish rigs and setting up your fishing rod and you always need to choose the best setup for your target species and catfishing technique that you will be using.

The santee rig is very popular for fishing for blue catfish and can be used for both anchored fishing and drift fishing for catfish. The santee rig is a variation of a popular setup called the slip sinker rig but has an added foam peg float that allows the bait and hook to be suspended off the bottom of the lake or river when you are catfishing.

This video walks you step by step through the process of making a santee rig and getting started catfishing with it.

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