Introduction: How to Tie a Simple Fly

Fly-fishing is a fishing method in which the fisherman hand ties artificial "flies" which serve as the lure when attempting to catch fish from record-breaking size to just what you need to survive. Fly tying is done to save money on lures or just to increase your involvement in the sport. And, just as many things in life, there are many different methods to fly tying that produce just about the same outcome. But different methods differ for the type of fish, and the type of water you plan to fish in. The method below is very simple, even a beginning angler could tie this fly. It requires nothing more than a simple fishing hook, a pheasant's tail, some thread (or fishing line), and a pair of pliers.

Step 1: Starting the Hook

To start the hook, you lay the thread parallel to the hook and begin wrapping the long tail around the thread and hook together to secure the thread to the hook. Keep wrapping until there is a nice even layer holding the thread and hook together.

Step 2: Creating the "Body"

After the thread is secure on the hook, lay the strips of pheasant tail parallel to the hook, just like you started the with the thread, and repeat the process. Wrap a bit more thread around the hook and the ends of the tail until they are secure. Then take the long ends of the pheasants tail and begin to wrap them around the hook, creating the "body" of the fly. You will want to finish this step with the long ends still at the "eye" side of the hook.

Step 3: Creating the "Tail"

Fold over the long ends from the peasant tail in the opposite direction as before, so the long ends now finish at the "hook" side of the hook. Wrap a bit more thread around the whole thing again to secure the "tail" in the correct position.

Step 4: Finishing

Cut the thread and tie a small knot, securing the whole thing so your 5 minutes worth of work does not come undone. Your finished product should look something like this. Five minutes and very simple materials, and you can now catch a trout big enough to feed a family.

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