Introduction: How To: Tinker Cad Code Blocks

today I will be showing you how I built this cabin with tinker cads code blocks and teach you how to on the way ( still suggest you do the tutorials )

Step 1: Step 1

so I started this project with an idea to build a house by the woods so the first thing is that I needed to do was make some trees so I wrote this simple code this is what it does:

1.draws 2 cones and moves them to make a tree (note a lot of messing with movement is required for this to work)

2.moves them out of the way

3.the repeats ten times

Step 2: Step 2 Get to Size ( Hard Step )

we don't want big trees that go on for miles so with the scale tool I brought them to size and put the where there suppose to be ( this takes a lot, a lot of messing with the move and scale )

Step 3: Step 3 Draw House

I started with a simple house and it was pretty easy just remember that the shape all ways spawn in the middle

Step 4: Step 4 Finishing

now I just rotate the house and I'm done ( you have to rotate each part )

Step 5: Over View of Code Blocks

code blocks are only beneficial when your making some ting like a forest because of the loop tool would be hard for detailed modeling

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