Introduction: How to Troubleshoot Printer Issues: HP LaserJet P4015X

This guide will teach you how to fix errors and jams on HP LaserJet P4015X printers. These are found in Cyert, the University Center, Gates, Res on 5th, Donner, Mudge, and Morewood.

Step 1: Paper Jams

Tray jams (as shown) occur when paper gets stuck inside the paper tray. Use the screen to locate the jam, then continue to the next step.

Step 2:

If the screen indicates that there is a jam in the fuser, do not attempt to remove the paper. Turn the printer off and email with details about which printer jammed.

Step 3:

Open the printer where the screen indicates, and gently pull out the jammed paper. Sometimes, if the paper is too deep, re-closing the tray will push the paper out of the printer through the back.

Step 4:

Once the jam is successfully removed, the printer will clear the paper path and reprint your document.

Step 5: 49 Errors

The 49 errors message indicates that a corrupt file (usually PDF) is trying to print. The file will need to be cleared from the printing queue. Start by turning the printer off.

Step 6:

Call the Computing Services Help Center at (412)-268-HELP and ask them to remove the corrupted job from the printer. Explain from which printer you are trying to print and that you have a 49 error.

Step 7:

Reprint the document. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and click Print. In the printer dialog box, click Advanced and ensure the Print As Image checkbox is checked. Click OK.