Introduction: How to Turn a Nerf Gun Into a BB Gun!

About: Im a 11 year old just trying to share my crafts!

Step 1: Material You Need

You need:A nerf nite finder ex3,siccors,straw ,blank nerf dart and tape!

Step 2: Cut Straw

Cut the bendy part off

Step 3: Put the Rest in Nerf Dart

Cut the straw to size of dart

Step 4: Tube

Take straw out put back in about as much in pic 2 then tape together with thin electric tape ididnt have any:(

Step 5: Finish/Enjoy!!

Tape dart to barrel,put .20g airsoft bb in straw/dart,cock the the gun shoot and enjoy!!:)Sorry it dosent work that good ill make another one with better base a with electric tape!!!:)
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