How to Turn an Old Computer Mouse Into a Cat Toy



Introduction: How to Turn an Old Computer Mouse Into a Cat Toy

In this Instructable I will show you how to turn an old computer mouse into a cat toy.

Step 1: Getting the Materials

Here is a list of things you for this project:

One old computer mouse (any kind will work but the)
One foot or more of wire

One Phillips screwdriver
One knife
One hot glue gun

Step 2: Take Apart the Computer Mouse

First remove the screws shown in the first photo and set them aside because we will need these later. Now lift off the cover and remove the screw show in the fourth photo. Remove the pcb board and the black thing then set them aside.

Step 3: Add the Tail

Now using a knife notch out a spot in the back of the computer mouse big enough to fit the wire through. After you have done that cut a piece of wire about six inches long. Then tie a knot in the wire close to the end. Next hot glue the wire in the notch you made earlier. Now put the bottom back on the mouse and put the screws back in.

Step 4: Add the Whiskers

Now cut three pieces of wire two inches long. Then glue the wire on. 

Step 5: Add the Eyes

Now glue two screws on the top of the just above the button. Next give it to your cat to test it out and you're done. If you have any questions about this build please feel free to ask and don't forget to vote for me for the "Dead Computer Contest ".

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