Introduction: How to Unlock Jigglypuff on Super Smash Bros Brawl!

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Hello! This is the second instructable on how to unlock secret characters in super smash bros brawl! In case you don't know, SSBB is a game where you can save the world from Subspace or fight with your friends. But have you always wanted to have more characters? Here, I will show you how to unlock jigglypuff, the balloon Pokemon!

Step 1: Required

To unlock her, make sure you passed the "Subspace emissary" game mode first. To be sure, check if your save file has a rainbow crown. If so, carry on.

Step 2: Level Select

Go to the level titled, "the swamp". There is no characters you have to specifically choose, so use who you like.

Step 3: Level

Proceed through out the level. The door shown won't have jigglypuff. Instead, you re going to fight...

Step 4: Mega Diddy Kong!

Beat him and keep proceeding. Stop at an area that looks like this. There should be a door above where jigglypuff is standing. That is where you fight her.

Step 5: Bonus: Mega Jigglypuff

After earning her, go to practice and play as jigglypuff.

Step 6:

Go to the stage titled "bridge of eldin"

Step 7:

Get the smash ball and wait for the bridge to break. When it is repairing, jump in the middle and use you final smash. Wala! You've unlocked jigglypuff! Please favorite,comment, and follow!