Introduction: How to Update Super Card DStwo to Work on 3DS V6.0.0-11 With Firmware V1.20

Today Nintendo 3ds system firmware has been updated to V6.0.0-11, it has been confirmed that the new 3ds firmware has blocked nearly all the flash carts, however, Super card dstwo has released the update firmware V1.20 to support the new 3DS.  This post is just tell you how to update your super card dstwo with new firmware V1,20. Your super card dstwo will work on the new 3ds firmware perfectly after this update.

What you need

DS Lite console  
I always recommend you use a DS Lite console to update your super card dstwo.

If you meet this error, it means you need to update your super card dstwo.

Step 1:

Step1: Download the latest Super card dstwo EOS from here:  DSTwo V1.11 Extract it and put all the files in the root directory of your micro sd card.

Notice:  do not put the folder on the sd card, just put all the contents to your sd card.

Step 2:

Step2: Downlaod the super card dstwo new firmware V1.20 for 3DS V6.0.0-11  Extract it, and copy the upgrade file such as "dstwoupdate.dat" file on the root directory of your sd card.

After you do the step 1 and step2, you have those files in the sd card, check the pictures below

Step 3:

Step3: Just put the sd card into your super card dstwo and then insert super card dstwo into your DS console. Power on ds lite. The console will detect the DStwo V1.20 firmware automatically.

Step 4:

Step4: Just click A and start the update.  Make sure do not power off during the update process. Now, the ds super card support the latest version console. Off cause if the firmware declared support the latest version console.

As always, if you plan to buy super card dstwo or other flashcarts, please just come to our online store ( to purchase them. Because all super card dstwo we send out will be preflashed for 3DS V6.0.0-11. you don’t need a DS lite to update it when you receive this card.