How to Use Bobby Pins

Introduction: How to Use Bobby Pins

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So girls, we all know how useful bobby pins can be when we style our hair. I have a pixie cut, but my hair is very thick and I hate having my bangs in my face. So lately I've been madly researching simple braids I can use with my bangs to keep them out of my face. I had never purchased bobby pins before, and the braid tutorials said I needed one. I have never made a better purchase in my life. I LOVE BOBBY PINS! Many of you will be thinking "I already know how to use bobby pins correctly, so why does she even bother making this?" This is simply a guide to using them so they hold for longer and so you can achieve more styles. So read on!

Step 1: WHAT TO USE?

I have found that some bobby pins work and some just don't... It really depends on the thickness and length of your hair. I purchased a cheap $3 pack of 73 bobby pins from Cosmetics Plus. I have found that these, while cheap, actually work very well on thick hair when used properly. But I spent ages trying to get the technique right. So try and find some bobby pins that work for your hair!


So first you need to style your hair to your desired look. Then take one bobby pin. Hold your hairstyle in place with one hand while you hold the bobby pin in your dominant hand. Use either your teeth or just your nails to open the bobby pin to the appropriate width to hold the hair together. Bring the bobby pin to the correct area of your hair, then just slide the pin in. Then take the bobby pin in your hair and flip it over, then re-insert it.

Step 3: REPEAT

Take as many bobby pins as you need to properly secure your hair and repeat the process. It actually helps to hold longer if you try to cross the pins over the others in an X shape. This will help the pins not to slip, especially if your pins have little grooves on them. Thanks for reading! Please comment! If you can recommend any brand of pin to me or you know any other techniques I would love to hear them!

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