Introduction: How to Use Fritzing for Your Arduino/RaspberryPi Instructable

 Demonstrate schematics, breadboard layouts, and more with this application!

Step 1: Download/Install

Go to and click download at the top. Then choose what os you are using for example Mac OS X and it should start to download. Next open the .dmg and place the Fritzing application on your desktop or wherever you want and open Fritzing.

Step 2: Running Fritzing

After you double click the file it should look like the first picture above. After that feel free to play around with fritzing to figure it out. You can use this so you can see what connects to what. 

Step 3: Finishing and Using

After you are done playing with it you can start using it with your instructables to clarify what is going on. An example I created is above. To use jumper wires drag the ends to the desired locations. Thanks for viewing this instructable leave a comment if you have any questions!