Introduction: How to WABBAJACK TOP PROP!

We're going to make a project so cool even the Daedric Prince of Insanity would appreciate it!

Just so everybody knows this has my own personal flare to it, so don't compare too harshly. Also the rule of "there are no mistakes, just unexpected changes in design" applies here.Also this is the 2nd 'in the round' carving I've ever done!

Step 1: Tools

The tools needed for this project are:
Hand saw
Rag (for staining)

Also wood stain and black enamel

Step 2: Basic Shaping

Originally this was a square bed post leg, but we sawed it down to an octagon, then. Used a rasp to round it out

After that we used a portable drill and a hole saw to make 3 holes. The holes would've been alot more even, but I neglected to measure.
However I still like the way it came out

Step 3: Inside

This is what it looks like ion the inside.
See how rough it is on the inside at the moment?

Step 4: Making the Outline

Make an outline of the face you want to carve

Step 5: Carving and Smoothing Out

Carve the face into the wood, then use the dremel to make it more round and smooth

Step 6: ==>

Rasp and make the tops of the heads round

Step 7: Round Off the Tops Even More

Step 8: Clean Out Inside the Mouths

I used a small circular file to round out the inside and make it less rough.
I also rounded the edges of the mouths

Step 9:

I chiseled one half of under the mouth down towards the mouth, and the other down to the end part. Then I chiseled the sides until it was round.
I used the Dremel to fully round the beard, and detail it

Step 10: Lowering

Lower everything except the faces, so that the faces are out

Step 11: Sizing

I had sized it to this staff I was going to use.the staff itself proved to be too difficult to get how I wanted. So I just decided to make it a statue type thing

Step 12: Staining

I used a couple coats of Ebony stain to get that black color.
It settled into that more dark color

Step 13: Painting

I detailed the low lights (where the darkest parts should be/ the shading) by painting it with black Enamel.

I decided to make the inner mouth area, to try to copy the actual Wabbajack, but it would also look awesome with that warm brown color it had before.

Step 14: Thank You

Thank you for reading!
This took me about 3 days to make (3 day weekend).

Again there are a few mistakes, and quirks. But I'm only human, and this is only my second 'in the round carving', so for that standard it's amazing!

All in all I had a blast! And it's kinda cool making something with just tools I can hold in my hands!

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